Most football fans hoped they were done with national anthem protests and thinking about politics when tuning in to football games.

But they thought wrong.

And now the NFL made a major announcement about the national anthem that will make you sick.

The NBA realized it was a mistake throwing Black Lives Matter politics in fans’ faces.

After the finals sank to the lowest ratings in history in 2020, the NBA announced it would no longer paint Black Lives Matter on the court or have the players wear social justice messages on their jerseys.

But the NFL is going in the opposite direction and doubling down on its association with the radical Black Lives Matter movement.

Before every “tentpole” game this year, the NFL will play the black national anthem, and all teams will promote BLM during the games, paint the terrorist group’s slogans on the field, and players will wear BLM messaging on their uniforms.

Front Office Sports reports:

To reinforce its 10-year, $250 million commitment to combat systemic racism, the league will promote social justice via on-field signage, decals on player helmets, and in-stadium PSAs.

The NFL also plans to make “Lift Every Voice and Sing” — often referred to as the Black national anthem — a prominent part of all big league events, said sources. They will likely highlight victims of racial injustice with a “Say Their Stories” project, as well.

When the NFL tried to stage a tribute to Black Lives Matter at the opening game of the 2020 between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans, the fans in Kansas City booed.

America is one nation united.

The country has one national anthem, not segregated songs based on race.

The NFL is inviting more fan backlash by encouraging racial division and political protests.

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