The NFL season is now an affair 12 months out of the year.

And the league just avoided some major bad news.

That’s because the NFL made a major decision that has players breathing a sigh of relief.

NFL Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Allen Sills announced that players would not be required to receive the Coronavirus vaccine in order to participate in the 2021 NFL season. reports:

The NFL has no intention of mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for players, coaches or team staff members, the league’s chief medical officer said.

Dr. Allen Sills said he hopes everyone will get vaccinated and that vaccinated individuals will have certain privileges and precautions lifted that won’t apply to unvaccinated individuals.

Stills said the vaccination will not be a prerequisite for participation in the 2021 season when speaking Thursday on the NFL Network.

There is much debate in America right now about “vaccine passports” – Americans carrying cards to prove they are vaccinated – to be allowed to engage in normal activities.

The Governors of New York and New Jersey are requiring proof of vaccination to attend sporting events.

Many Americans view this suspiciously as a backdoor vaccine mandate.

There is a large segment of Americans who do not trust the vaccine because of how quickly it was brought to market.

These Americans hope more politicians and institutions follow the NFL’s lead and encourage people to get vaccinated, but that the shot is not required.

Requiring the shot will only fuel suspicions among skeptical Americans that the government is forcing something dangerous on them.

There are NFL players who fall in the category of vaccine skeptical Americans.

And they will surely be relieved they are not being forced to take the shot.

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