The NFL is navigating the most difficult season is league history.

Political protests and a pandemic have fans wondering from week to week if games will be played.

And now the NFL made a stunning coronavirus announcement that impacts canceling the season.

Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer tried to drill down the answer to a question that many were asking about if there had been any documented cases of players transmitting the coronavirus while on the field of play.

The NFL’s chief medical Dr. Allen Sills answered that there had been no such case of in-game transmission recorded in the NFL or any other sports league on the planet.

“We have seen zero evidence of transmission player-to-player on the field, either during games or practices, which I think is an important and powerful statement,” Dr. Sills told Breer. “And it also confirms what other sports leagues have found around the world. We regularly communicate with World Rugby, Australian rules football, European soccer leagues. To date, no one has documented a case of player-to-player transmission in a field sporting environment. Obviously, I don’t think we’re at the point where we’d say it cannot occur, but none of us have seen yet, and that’s certainly encouraging.”

This statement is important because it means if there is a coronavirus outbreak on one NFL team, it will be hard to spread it to a second team during a game.

The league’s already moved around multiple games and rearranged bye weeks because teams like the Tennessee Titans and the New England Patriots suffered outbreaks.

But they have not had to reconfigure the schedules for multiple teams with players and coaches infected because of an in-game outbreak.

And that bodes well for the league completing a full season and playoffs culminating with the crowning of a Super Bowl champion.

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