This is the most challenging NFL season in league history.

From anti-American protests to coronavirus fear-mongering, the league is a mess.

And now the NFL made this jaw-dropping announcement about canceling the Super Bowl.

The NFL league office had to move games around the schedule because of its coronavirus protocols, despite the fact NFL players have a 99.9 percent chance of survival.

For example, this week the league moved the NBC Sunday matchup between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Las Vegas Raiders to 4pm and shifted the 5-0 Seattle Seahawks taking on the 4-2 Arizona Cardinals into primetime because the Raiders have five players on the COVID list and the league wants to make sure NBC will have a game for the marquee 8PM time slot.

The Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots also saw multiple games shifted around because of coronavirus outbreaks in their team facilities.

But what about the league’s ultimate showcase, the Super Bowl?

Would the NFL move the big game?

Yes, according to Green Bay Packers CEO Mark Murphy.

Murphy claimed the Super Bowl could be delayed up to four weeks because of coronavirus.

“We could move the Super Bowl back as far as four weeks,” Murphy told Sports Business Journal. “Obviously, we’d prefer not to do that, but you do have that flexibility if we run into a number of outbreaks with different teams or if we have to kind of move the schedule back.”

“We’d prefer not to, we’d like to play as much as possible [on] the schedule as it sits now,” Murphy concluded.

The NFL is determined to get its season in.

So-called “experts” are predicting a winter coronavirus surge as the weather cools and people spend more time indoors.

No one knows what will happen with the virus.

But the NFL has a plan and it involves delaying, but not canceling the Super Bowl.

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