Football fans are hoping the Super Bowl goes off as scheduled and without a hitch.

It would signal a return to normal life is not far away.

But now the NFL made this major Super Bowl announcement that left fans speechless.

One of the big questions surrounding Super Bowl 55 in Tampa Bay’s Raymond James Stadium is whether or not there will be fans in the stands for the game.

Everyone wants some level of crowd in attendance for the big game.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell fired off a letter to the Super Bowl organizing committee in Tampa announcing the league’s intention to give Super Bowl tickets to healthcare workers who have received Trump’s coronavirus vaccine.

“I wanted to let you know that during our League Meeting today we plan to discuss Super Bowl LV, including an exciting idea to honor and thank health care workers for their extraordinary service during the pandemic,” Goodell explained. “We will also use this as an opportunity to promote the importance of vaccination and appropriate health practices, including wearing masks in public settings.”

“We are currently discussing with public health officials our desire to invite vaccinated health care workers to the Super Bowl as our guests. Subject to their approval and in consultation with your team, we aim to do this in a safe and responsible way,” Goodell added.

Over the last several years, on issues from domestic violence to anti-American national anthem protests, the NFL ended up on the wrong end of public relations fiascos.

Now that there will be tremendous societal pressure on Americans to receive the coronavirus vaccine, the NFL is trying to get ahead of this story and come across as “responsible” corporate partners.

The league, players, media, and fans all want a crowd in attendance for the Super Bowl.

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis handled the virus better than most by resisting lockdowns and mask mandates.

So there is likely to be fans in the stands no matter what.

But many Americans are worried the NFL will now lineup behind an effort across every sector of American life to force Americans to take the vaccine.

This could start with thanking healthcare workers by inviting them to the Super Bowl.

But for kickoff of the 2021 season it could very well morph into being forced to show proof of vaccination to enter an NFL stadium.

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