The NFL has led the charge to push COVID vaccines on us all to the point where they are pressuring players to get the jab.

And as a result, they show off just how many players got the vaccine to impress leftist friends.

But now the NFL panicked when they saw a report about just how many players have fake COVID vaccine cards.

NFL President Roger Goodell has by far been one of the most hated people in the news.

Fans have made a tradition out of booing him wherever they see him.

But now, many players hate him as he has pushed a near vaccine mandate on the players in the league.

Most players in the NFL are vaccinated with teams like the Atlanta Falcons being fully vaccinated after they cut players who weren’t.

But come to find out some of those vaccine cards held by NFL players could be fakes.

According to Defector Media on Twitter, three NFL player agents confirm that fake COVID cards are rampant in the league.

One agent made a good point and claimed, “I think it is a lot more common than people realize. Look, you’re talking about the NFL. These guys do anything they can to fudge a weed test or a PED test.”

You can just feel Roger Goodell’s blood pressure boiling after this story broke.

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