The NFL is experiencing an offseason like none other in 2021.

Fans thought they had seen it all.

But the NFL released a video that included three words which left fans speechless.

After paying a price through declining ratings and attendance after Colin Kaepernick launched a league-wide movement to protest the national anthem, the NFL is doubling down on woke politics.

The NFL released a video to virtue signal about homosexual pride month proclaiming, “football is gay.”

This video came days after Las Vegas Raiders backup defensive end Carl Nassib came out as the league’s first openly homosexual active player.

There have surely been homosexuals in the NFL since the league’s first season in 1920.

Their teammates knew it and didn’t care because what mattered was winning games, and not making political statements about lifestyle choices.

But since the sports media is even farther to the Left than the political media, it became a cause to find the first openly homosexual player on an active roster.

The NFL used to be a prime target for the social justice warrior-infused sports media.

Football’s violence led to charges of “toxic masculinity.”

Domestic violence scandals and the debate over the Redskins nickname also put the league on the defensive.

The NFL embracing the homosexual lifestyle and proclaiming “football is gay” is a way to win social media clout from its former critics.

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