Gold medals aren’t the only thing Olympic athletes strive for while at the olympics.

Many more athletes will get lucky and hook up with another Olympian than will win a medal and represent their country on the podium.

But the Olympics want to make sure that athletes can’t hook up this year with this weird tactic.

We all have memorable scenes of the Olympics.

For some, one might be the United States’ miracle on ice.

For others, it might be watching the United States winning gold.

But it is shocking for many to learn that one of the biggest things going on at the Olympics are the hookups.

At the last summer games back in 2016 in Rio, the Olympic Committee sent 450,000 condoms to Olympic Village.

For 10,500 athletes present back in 2016 that equates to about 42 condoms per Olympian.

Even this year with COVID they are still providing 150,000 condoms to the Olympians in Tokyo.

But in one of the most bizarre moves in Olympic history, the Olympians are given condoms to use while their beds are made of cardboard to limit their use.

The beds have been labeled “anti-sex” beds and are designed to only hold to weight of one person.

And the anti-sex beds have created a stir among Olympians.

Only time will tell if these anti-sex beds will work.

But at least athletes like transgender she-male Laurel Hubbard don’t have to worry about any action happening on his bed.

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