It wouldn’t be an MLB season without some meltdown by the media over a social justice issue.

But of all the accusations that have come from the Fake News Media against the MLB, this is by far the worst.

And the race-baiting Fake News Media is freaking out over the World Series for the last reason you’d ever expect.

We all know that the leftists and loons in sports media just love to ruin everyone’s day with their woke agenda.

There’s nothing like trying to watch ESPN to get a break from the politics and decay of our society to only see one of their talking heads screaming about racism.

But for some reason, lately, the Fake News Media has made Major League Baseball ground zero for race-baiting and their woke agenda.

Who can forget the massive pressure put on the Cleveland Indians to change their name?

Or how about when the world turned on the Atlanta Braves because they are in a state that requires proof of identity to vote?

Well, it looks like they like the crazies of the Left are at it again by personally attacking the MLB.

The Associated Press released a story claiming how the MLB is racist for not having a single United States-born black player on the starting lineups heading into the World Series.

The basis of their complaint is that the MLB are a bunch of racists for not having a black American on the field for the upcoming World Series.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

The MLB is literally putting $150,000,000 into fostering back youth to play the game of baseball.

But another thing the AP failed to mention is the fact that the Astros have two black Americans on their roster, Michael Brantley and Josh James.

The only reason they aren’t playing in the World Series is due to injury.

Maybe the Left can stop with the race-baiting and insulting America’s sport.

But we can all assume the woke mob won’t stop till we all hate our lives just as much as they hate their own.

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