There’s just something about being rich that makes your taste in style absolutely awful.

And the NFL is filled with millionaires who are nothing but laughingstocks with what they wear.

Now the Raiders owner is getting absolutely shredded for the worst outfit we have seen in the NFL.

Almost all of us wish we had a couple million dollars just sitting around.

The amount of things you could do with that amount of money is something many dream of.

But being rich comes with a lot of bad things too.

For one, you will have a lot of family members you can’t stand now begging you for money.

But also with the price tag comes a sense of awful taste in fashion.

Just look at Hollywood.

Half of the time, no one knows what the hell these Hollywood stars are wearing.

Who can forget when Lady Gaga dressed up in a dress made out of meat?

But the NFL is no different.

Just look at Cam Newton who dresses like a 12-year-old tranny.

No one knew what the heck he was going to wear to a press conference.

But it looks like now Cam Newton has someone else challenging his title of the worst dressed individual in the NFL.

Many of us know Raiders owner Mark Davis for his awful haircut.

For being one of the richest men in the NFL, dang if the man just sticks with the $5 cut.

Apparently though his outfits aren’t getting much better than his haircut.

Mark Davis was recently spotted in an all-white suit.

The man came walking in looking like Boss Hog from the Dukes of Hazzard.

But you have to give him credit.

While dressing like a child he managed to find over four shades of white.

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