The NFL is filled with convicts and criminals.

But it looks like a future star in the league is breaking that mold.

The top draft quarterback prospect left everyone in shock after they saw him do this.

Every new season is filled with stories of another multimillionaire NFL player committing a crime.

And honestly, it’s sad to think about.

These guys have everything you can dream of and desire.

But many still go on to be horrible influences as they beat their wives and girlfriends.

And when they aren’t turning their significant others into a punching bag, players are out there committing some hard crimes and even killing people.

So that’s why it’s a breath of fresh air to hear about this next story.

Malik Willis is a college quarterback coming out of Liberty University where he carved through defenses his whole college career.

But entering into the draft combine he was in the talks as being one of the top picks but now he is the clear favorite to be the top quarterback in the draft.

And this might be why.

While walking on the streets outside of the combine, video was captured of him giving his combine shirts to a homeless man on the street.

That is something you don’t expect out of a top draft prospect.

But along with kindness, the kid has one hell of an arm too.

Seems like any team that picks Malik will have a solid player most teams dream of.

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