The U.S. women’s soccer team sits atop the pyramid of woke, America-hating athletes.

But their left-wing politics caught up with them.

And now the U.S. women’s soccer team humiliated themselves with what happened after a protest.

When the U.S. women’s soccer team won the 2019 World Cup, they infuriated millions of patriotic Americans by stomping and standing on American flags in the postgame celebration.

Now the women’s soccer team – which promotes every trendy liberal political cause under the sun – humiliated themselves by losing 3-0 to Sweden in the opener of the Summer Olympics.

What made the defeat even worse was the fact that the entire team kneeled before the game in support of Black Lives Matter. founder Clay Travis ripped the group of whiny, left-wing athletes for an all-time example of “get woke and go broke.”

“The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team was beaten, 3-0, I believe by Sweden,” Travis stated. “It was their first loss in 44 games…”

Travis noted that the 12 hour time difference as well as the political protests would make it difficult to watch this year’s Olympics.

“It’s intriguing to see the U.S. women kneel before the game began. There’s going to be a lot of political analysis going on as it pertains to the Olympics this year. It’s going to be harder to enjoy, it’s going to be way more political than it has been in the past, and I think that is going to hurt the viewership — not to mention the 12-hour difference,” Travis added.

This was the U.S. women’s team’s first loss in 44 games, but Travis said thanks to the team’s radical politics, few focused on their on-the-field dominance and instead zeroed in on their lack of respect for the flag, the national anthem, and America.

“They got whipped right after they kneeled. It’s unfortunate that the story, for many people with the U.S. women, no longer involves their on the field performance. But instead, about what they are doing before the game even begins,” Travis concluded.

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