The WNBA has been around since 1997.

But one fundamental question always hovered over the league.

And now the WNBA just proved one thing that every basketball fan always knew was true.

Ever since the WNBA debuted in 1997, basketball fans asked one question – why does this league exist?

There was never some groundswell among American sports fans for a women’s professional basketball league.

But in an early sign that social justice warriors ran the NBA, league commissioner David Stern announced the association would subsidize this vanity project to prove how progressive the league really was.

The league just ended its 24th season with its championship series.

We will be honest – we have no idea who played in the finals or what the name of the team was who won.

And apparently the people of Chicago also had no idea their city’s WNBA team played in the finals and won a championship because about 13 people attended the team’s victory parade on the streets of the Windy City.

This scene is embarrassing.

Had their Bears, Bulls, Cubs, White Sox, or Black Hawks just won a title the entire city would have mobbed the downtown area and people would be hanging off buildings.

It proves that there is no actual fanbase for women’s professional basketball.

If fans want to watch slow people who are incapable of dunking a basketball, they can watch any number of games for free at their local rec center.

The people of Chicago could not even be bothered to stand outside on a beautiful day and cheer on a team that brought home a championship.

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