The more that comes out about Coach Jon Gruden, the more you realize that his resignation had nothing to do with racism or sexism.

Gruden was erased from the NFL for expressing views contrary to the woke outrage mob and now he is paying the price.

But the woke NFL has found their next target for being fired and canceled just for being a conservative.

The sports world was in shock during last Monday night’s football game when it was revealed that Jon Gruden had been axed by the Raiders for comments he made in emails years before.

The NFL forced him to resign – before he was fired – for what they claimed were emails about racism and sexism.

But the truth of the matter is that the real reason for his sudden departure was because of emails he wrote about Joe Biden.

Gruden supposedly emailed the Washington Redskins claiming that Biden was a “clueless pussy.”

Also Gruden had criticism for players participating in Black Lives Matter protests.

If this was about racism, then why does the NFL have rappers planned for this Super Bowl’s halftime show who drop the n-word more in their songs than NFL players have been charged for beating women?

And if they were really worried about sexism, then why does the league have players on rosters on countless teams who treat women like a punching bag?

It’s clear that his firing was just about his comments against the woke outrage mob’s agenda.

And now the NFL has their new target.

Jeff Pash, the NFL’s top lawyer, also has emailed Bruce Allen and the Washington Redskins a lot over the past several years, joking about the league’s diversity initiatives – which funny enough, didn’t include hiring more conservatives and libertarians .

And The New York Times reported on a number of emails Pash had with NFL executives of political nature that made the Left fume with rage.

It’s only a matter of time before the NFL decides to fire a bunch of other conservatives within the league to pacify the Left.

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