Generally women and sports don’t mix well together.

But we just found the rare occasion where the two meld into one perfect union.

The World Cup got wild as cameras caught a woman provocatively doing this live on air.

Most guys understand this feeling – it’s a Sunday afternoon, they’ve worked hard continuously for the past six days, and then they cut on the TV.

Then as they try to relax, here comes their girl to ruin their day.

She isn’t there to watch the game but to ruin your week with a to-do list the size of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses.

It never fails – women and sports just don’t go well together.

Women’s sports are generally boring and no one watches them unless they are trying to virtue signal.

Women tend to ask a thousand questions during a game rather than watching it.

And when a woman is quiet during the game it generally means they are mad at you.

In all honesty, many men go to games simply to get away from their girl.

But it looks like we may have finally found a perfect place for women in the sports world.

Just look at this video and see for yourself.

During the France versus Argentina FIFA World Cup, Argentina was able to pull off and win the tournament.

And needless to say their fans were going insane.

But one fan was going nuts a little too much and ended up with her shirt completely off.

That’s when the cameraman panned over it and got a glimpse of something that mesmerized viewers.

It looks like the shirtless woman started a trend in the stands.

We need more of this in American football.

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