Football is always a must-watch on Saturdays and Sundays.

But give a lineman the ball and the entertainment value instantly goes through the roof.

That’s why the world needs this fat man wrecking ball, playing running back for UCONN.

Few things beat the weekends in the early fall.

We managed to get through a long, hot, and grueling summer.

And now we can sit back, relax, and enjoy some college and NFL football.

Games can get electric when the ball is flying around and everything is clicking on offense.

Better yet, the entertainment really starts when the pads start to clap and the big hits start to make offensive players think twice about moving down the field.

But if you really want some entertainment, give the fat guys the ball.

UCONN football is struggling hard this year.

After injuries and a thin depth chart, they only have a couple of running backs left on their team.

So to solve this issue, coaches were seriously considering moving one of their defensive linemen to running back.

Jelani Stafford is a 300 pound stud for UCONN who actually played some running back and full back in high school.

Just look at his high school highlights.

Ultimately, the UCONN coaches admitted that the big guy wouldn’t be getting the ball anytime soon.

But there was a chance and it’s what the fans want to see.

UCONN might suck as a division one football team so at least they can entertain their fan base with some big man runs and watch him go like a wrecking ball.

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