With the All-Star break in the rearview, Major League Baseball is starting to seriously heat up.

And for many teams, these games in the dog days of summer are must-wins if they hope to secure a playoff spot, leaving little room for nonsense.

But things got especially heated in this post-game press conference when an MLB star unleashed on reporters.

In the world of Major League Baseball, the All-Star break is an important benchmark for the long 162-game season.

This break typically comes a little past the halfway point, and for many teams, this is where the season becomes a tad more desperate.

For some teams, such as the god-awful Washington Nationals, the season is all but over.

But for many, there is still a chance to squeeze into a wild card spot, especially now that the MLB has completely redesigned its playoff criteria.

Now instead of the division leaders and two wild card teams battling it out in October, there are three wild card teams selected who face off against the bottom-seeded division winner.

The top two seeds are rewarded with an automatic bye to the divisional round.

This means more teams than ever are eligible for the playoffs, which makes things more interesting.

One team that had lofty aspirations for this year was the Cincinnati Reds.

After finishing the season just over .500 last year, many predicted the Reds to be in the playoff hunt this season.

But that is not exactly how things have played out for the Cincinnati Reds.

As it stands, the Reds have the second-worst record in the National League, well under the .400 mark, which is flat-out terrible.

Another team that has failed to live up to expectations is the Philadelphia Phillies but to a much lesser extent.

As it stands the Phillies are around .500, which is considered a disappointment especially given how much they paid Bryce Harper.

A recent matchup between these two underwhelming teams showed just how frustrated fans are with these teams.

In a close matchup that led to extra innings, the Phillies failed to hold on and lost 6-2.

This riled up Phillies fans, who have a reputation for having short tempers, especially since they lost to the awful Reds.

To make matters worse, Nick Castellanos of the Phillies was booed off of the field by his own fans after striking out in the crucial final at-bats.

In the locker room after the game a reporter asked if Castellanos heard the boos, to which he snapped back “that is a stupid question.”

Clearly, he was not very excited to talk about being booed at his home stadium.

But who can blame him?

If the Phillies fail to make the playoffs once again, it is time to seriously reconsider some of the major moves they have made in recent years.

Perhaps another rebuild is on the horizon for the Phillies.

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