Let’s face it, football is not as fun to watch as it once was.

Instead of bone-shattering hits, players have their woke protests and instead of on the field fights, players have their pansy choreographed celebrations.

But this 48-year-old Hall of Fame legend is still turning heads with his athletic catches and his tenacious attitude.

Professional football has gotten soft these days, there is simply no other way of putting it.

Players leave the field due to pathetic “injuries” and fans have to sit through a series of nauseating anti-American protests before the game starts.

The NFL has absolutely no edge anymore.

This has created a market for other football leagues to arise, and one league that is beginning to turn some heads is the Fan Controlled Football League.

In a nutshell, this league gives power to the people.

Fans can choose which players are signed and who starts any given week.

It is almost like a fantasy football team come to life.

This league has allowed players who are not quite ready for an NFL debut, or return, to show what they are made of.

And without a doubt, the most high profile player in the Fan Controlled Football League is none other than NFL Hall of Famer, Terrell Owens.

As it stands, TO is 48-years-old, which is pretty damn old for football.

But for years, TO has claimed that he is ready to come back, and this start-up league is helping him to prove just that.

Just the other day, TO reminded fans what he is made of when he made a very nice two-point conversion catch.

But in typical TO fashion, he did not do so with grace.

He had to make sure everybody saw his feat of athleticism, including the DB he caught it over.

This of course did not sit well with the DB.

But at the end of the day, how mad can you get?

TO is a Hall of Famer after all.

Embarrassing DB’s is his forte, and he is one of the greatest to ever do so.

Moments like this one from legends like TO is exactly why the Fan Controlled Football League is gaining viewership.

And as long as the NFL continues to go down a road of social justice and wussification, expect leagues like this one to thrive.

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