The NFL’s strangest off-field scandal just took another weird turn.

No one can believe it.

And now this big name NFL coach is about to get fired because of one video of him and a woman.

The Jacksonville Jaguars released a statement condemning coach Urban Meyer after a video surfaced of a woman – who is not his wife – dancing on his lap at a bar in Ohio.

Jaguars owner Shad Kahn ripped Meyer calling his behavior inexcusable and stating that Meyer needed to regain the team’s trust.

All of this seemed a bit much.

Meyer was not accused of any sexual misconduct or harassment.

All he did was sit at a bar and take a picture with a young woman on his lap.

NFL teams have excused far worse behavior from players, even allowing a guy back into the league who killed someone in a car accident.

But NFL reporter Michael Silver wrote on social media that players on the Jaguars lost all respect for Meyer and that Meyer’s job situation was dire.

Silver reported:

The Urban Meyer situation in Jacksonville has reached a crisis point, especially in the locker room. One player told me, ‘He has zero credibility in that stadium. He had very little to begin with.’

Players were particularly put off by the fact that Meyer canceled Monday’s team meeting, as he dealt with the uproar over the videos of him and a young woman getting cozy in that Ohio bar. ‘He even canceled the team meeting. He was too scared,’ a player said.

Instead Meyer ‘only apologized to position groups individually.’ He portrayed the woman in the videos as a random person who was ‘just there dancing.’ Suffice it to say, his audience was highly skeptical.

Said one player: ‘We looked at him like, WTF? Right when he left everyone started dying laughing. And he knew it.’

Bottom line, said the player: ‘It’s bad. I don’t know how he’s gonna function.’

The corporate-controlled sports media clearly decided Urban Meyer is a villain and needs to be destroyed.

If the Jaguars season spirals out of control and the team wins only a handful of games, the unrelenting media pressure could force the Jaguars to make a coaching change.

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