Rookies trying to make the NFL have to show the league they mean business whenever they get the chance.

But one rookie surprised everyone this past weekend with one of the best performances ever seen.

And this big star NFL rookie just might become the greatest returner in the history of the game.

The NFL is a cutthroat league.

If you suck, you get cut.

If you perform, then you make the league.

Simple as that.

And many rookies never make it out of their first preseason.

No matter how they did in college ball, they just can’t perform at the highest level in football.

But thankfully for one rookie, he is performing well-beyond expectations.

KaVontae Turpin started from the bottom.

Turpin got kicked off the TCU Bullfrogs team after having some off-the-field issues.

The kid didn’t give up though and went on to play in the Fan Controlled League and some European football.

Last year, Turpin was named the season MVP in the USFL’s inaugural for shredding both defenses and special teams across the start-up league.

And in July, the Cowboys signed him to give him a try in the big leagues.

Well, needless to say, in his second preseason game in the NFL, Turbin earned his place in the league.

Turpin returned a kickoff and a punt for a touchdown in the first half of the game against the Chargers.

Not one touchdown but two.

If Turpin can rack up even a couple of games like that throughout his career, he will by far be remembered as the best returner in NFL history.

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