College football has some amazing talent on and off the field.

But of all the talent in the NCAA, this has to be one of the top acts.

And this college football lineman shocked his team and the Internet with this stunning talent.

You obviously have to be very talented to make it on a division one football roster.

It all comes down to a combination of your size, strength, agility, speed, and luck to be among the best of the best.

But people often overlook the talent that has been in college football over the years off the field.

Here are some examples.

Everyone knows Marshawn Lynch as being a powerhouse running back.

But did you know that he is one hell of a driver too?!

And Manti Te’o might have been one of the best impact players on defense but he also had an imagination few people have.

And who can forget Jameis Winston’s ability to fit a couple pounds of king crab legs down his pants?

Well, now we have another diamond in the rough talent from college football.

Offensive lineman Chance Lytle for the Duke Blue Devils stunned his teammates when he started to sing some opera.

Body of a hippo but the voice of an angel.

At least Duke can enjoy his talents now before they lose ten-plus games this year.

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