One of the best things about college football is just how unpredictable it can be.

From underdogs winning all the time to crazy trick plays, college football is a must watch every weekend.

And this college football play was so insane even the cameraman didn’t know what the hell was going on.

Nothing beats a brisk fall Saturday morning as you prepare to watch the big college football games of the day.

Most people like college over the NFL because these kids are giving it all they have on the field.

Just watch movies like Rudy or We Are Marshall and you will see what makes Saturdays so special.

One of the best things about college football are the plays that you won’t see anywhere else.

And this past week had one of the most crazy trick plays you will ever see.

During Thursday night’s slugfest between Marshall and Appalachian State, Marshall performed a special teams play that was so insane that even the cameraman was completely confused.

And as result, Marshall managed to score a rare kick return touchdown for 98 yards.

Just watch the play below:

Appalachian State managed to win the game 31 to 30.

But it’s without a doubt that this play was the best one of the night.

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