Americans want to know when life will return to normal.

They just got one big hint.

That’s because this college football powerhouse made one announcement about 2021 that everyone was waiting for.

The Louisiana State Tigers informed their fans that they for next season LSU football games and all outdoor sporting events will run at 100 percent capacity with no masks required.

LSU’s Athletic Department announced:

LSU Athletics, following the lead of Louisiana Governor John Bel Edward’s proclamation on Tuesday allowing for 100 percent capacity at outdoor sporting events, will move to full capacity at all outdoor sporting events effective immediately, LSU Director of Athletics Scott Woodward announced on Wednesday.

Masks will no longer be required at LSU sporting events held outdoors.

Joe Biden and his so-called “public health experts” have been on the receiving end of criticism for their mixed messaging about outdoor masking and vaccines.

Biden and the public health hacks still claim vaccinated Americans need to wear masks in crowded outdoor settings.

This is leading many Americans to wonder why they should get the vaccine if little about their life will change post-vaccination.

Louisiana State’s athletic department is stepping up and telling Americans that life will return to normal and the COVID hysteria is ending.

This is the messaging Americans need to hear.

LSU football is known for its legendary night games in “Death Valley.”

The spectacle of over 100,000 fans at Tiger Stadium on Saturday night tuned up after hours of their famous tailgate is a sight that all Americans should welcome returning.

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