Streakers are a natural part of spectator sports . . . Nothing gets the crowd going like some nude lunatic running across the field, and if you’re lucky, you get to watch a ref or player body slam them.

There have been quite a few already this year, who can forget the streaker from earlier this year at the Super Bowl?

But this crazed druggie was caught streaking in the last place you’d ever expect.

Unfortunately, the Super Bowl isn’t the only place where you can find a streaker.

One place you hope to never see a deranged streaker is around children . . . but for 8th Graders in Jefferson County, Missouri, that’s exactly what happened when a druggie streaked across the field during their football practice.

According to the local police, “Lacey Uthe, 27, jumped over a fence at a Jefferson County, Missouri football facility where 29 boys were working on drills. Uthe was reportedly wearing just a scarf while streaking the practice”

Uthe’s mugshot is pictured below.

Uthe apparently “ingested heroin” before the act. Shocker.

This individual looks like what you might imagine a Halloween costume of a heroin addict would look like.

It looks like Uthe is facing steep charges after her drug-crazed romp, including sexual misconduct involving minors.

Good luck getting out of that one.

This is a perfect example of why to stay away from drugs.

At the end of the day, this sort of news report is hardly surprising.

And while most of us can laugh at the average streaker, this story is a bit more concerning.

Over the last year or so, crime in this nation has skyrocketed and nobody can feel entirely safe from the underbelly of society, including now even children at football practice.

In many parts of our nation, these sort of acts are the norm, and law enforcement has absolutely no power to stop it.

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