The College Football season is over.

The University of Georgia Bulldogs are the undisputed National Champs, much to the delight of Bulldog fans everywhere and to the dismay of Crimson Tide fans.

But this elite College Football program is now seeing a surprising exodus after the season ended.

Despite their recent heartbreaking loss, the University of Alabama is known for winning football games, and especially for winning National Championships.

The Crimson Tide have 18 claimed National titles, six of which came under the leadership of Head Coach Nick Saban since he took over the program in 2007.

The point is, Alabama has the most dominant College Football program in the history of college sports.

Not only does Alabama win games, but they have produced some of the most elite professional players in the NFL.

As it stands, 70 players who currently play in the NFL hail from the University of Alabama, which is far more than any other college.

There is no denying that the University of Alabama is a magnet for elite talent.

You can thank Nick Saban’s team’s elite scouting abilities for that.

But it appears as if the only people who are not convinced of this fact are some of the players on the Crimson Tide.

Because just the other day it was revealed that a whopping eleven players on the Tide have announced that they will be entering the transfer portal.

And rumors are flying that even more players are planning on leaving for other teams as well.

These eleven players even include three of Alabama’s Quarterbacks.

This one is guaranteed to hurt. Granted some of these players had already made plans to leave Alabama regardless of the Championship game’s outcome.

But this is an excellent example of how the transfer portal is killing some football programs.

For many players, a spot on Alabama’s team is nothing more than a brief resume builder.

These players should have considered taking their talent elsewhere in the first place rather than wasting Alabama’s time.

Still, as long as Head Coach Nick Saban and his team are calling the shots, Tide fans should have very little to worry about.

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