As the sports media has ensured everyone knows by now, Tim Tebow was unsurprisingly cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars this week.

After almost a decade away from football and a lifetime of only playing quarterback, Tebow’s comeback attempt was never going far, especially because he’s just not a good tight end.

But even after he was cut as soon as possible, this ESPN blowhard still claims Tebow embodies so-called “white privilege.”

From the moment it was reported that Tim Tebow and the Jaguars were in discussions about him attempting a comeback, a segment of the population claimed it was all because of Tebow’s race.

Rather than looking at the facts logically and seeing Tebow’s signing as the publicity stunt for a team that struggles to sell tickets, many just couldn’t help but claim that Tebow was only signed because he’s white.

Never mind the fact that the coach signing him was his college coach, mentor, and close personal friend, Urban Meyer, or that Tebow is still one of the most popular athletes in his home state of Florida, or that Tebow is one of the few players who automatically generates a media circus around any team he’s a part of, even one as pathetic as the Jaguars.

No, none of that factored into the thought process of anyone at ESPN or the rest of the sports media, who all chose instead to take the racist route of judging Tebow on the color of his skin, rather than what he actually brought to the table that no other tight end prospect could.

And even though Tebow was cut after serving his true purpose of bringing attention to the Jaguars and selling tickets to the team’s practice and preseason games, as well as increasing merchandise sales, some of those talking heads still can’t stop talking about Tebow’s race.

Among those is the ultimate blowhard, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, who decided that he would attack Tebow for embodying “white privilege” even after Tebow basically embarrassed himself in his lone preseason game with the Jaguars.

“Opportunity. People think, ‘he didn’t get the job,’” Stephen A. Smith said on ESPN’s First Take. “Well I got news for you, Max: there’s a whole bunch of black folks that never even get the opportunity.”

Now, this may sound insane to some people, but considering over 70% of NFL millionaire players are black, it’s hard to understand how it’s possible that there is a lack of opportunity for “black folks” as Stephen A. Smith claims.

Let’s be real, name any white NFL player – not named Tom Brady, of course – and any NFL fan can name at least five black players who are better, or at least just as good.

Pro sports teams more than any other organizations in any other industry want the best, most talented person for each position they’re filling because they want to win above all else – that is kind of the point of sports and competition, after all.

And it’s just a fact that way more often than not, black people are superior athletes when compared to white people.

Rather than look at the entire picture and consider the entire situation in its totality, all Stephen A. Smith is doing is using one, isolated example to make massive, unfounded generalizations about the NFL and the entire sports world.

Honestly, for a guy who can make headlines in his sleep and is the biggest star at ESPN right now, it’s rather pathetic that Stephen A. Smith seems to believe he has to stoop to the level of just making stuff up about the most divisive topics possible.

But that’s also why ESPN signed him to a five-year, $60 MILLION contract when the network is going broke.

ESPN is obsessed with forcing social justice narratives into sports, and absolutely loves it when someone like Stephen A. Smith makes such a claim.

It’s also important to note ESPN, and the entire sports media that is also obsessed with race, gave Stephen A. Smith a pass recently for his recent racist comments towards the Los Angeles Angels’ Shohei Ohtani.

Why did he get that pass?

Well, according to Stephen A. Smith, he gets a pass for racist comments solely because he’s black.

If that’s not privilege, what is?

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