ESPN’s new President swore in 2018 they were going to leave politics out of sports.

But in 2020, the network relapsed.

And now this explosive new report gave ESPN employees the worst news of their lives.

Ratings are in the tank for the famed “worldwide leader in sports.”

Sports fans tuned out when the network went all-in on the “woke” protests taking place in professional sports leagues this year.

Now network executives are learning the hard way, “get woke, go broke.”

An explosive new report from FrontOfficeSports says Disney is considering laying off up to 700 ESPN employees to cut costs down to size compared to the networks dwindling reach.

It’s an ironic twist considering sports coverage and viewership should be at all-time highs with everyone stuck at home with the ongoing pandemic keeping fans locked out of stadiums.

While layoffs will mostly affect employees behind the camera, on-air and radio talent could also find themselves in the crosshairs.

Breitbart notes, “While most of the big-name talent appears to be safe from these layoffs, insiders say that some will be required to take a pay cut. Pay cuts may also hit some of ESPN’s executives and managers. Talent whose contracts are up soon will also not be renewed, the reports say.”

That could explain why the network let big name SportsCenter host Keith Olbermann out of his contract early.

Olbermann said in his resignation letter he was leaving to start a YouTube show to restart his political commentary targeting President Trump in the waning days of the election.

But it’s also just as likely that Olbermann knew his next contract with ESPN would take a hit and decided to cash-in on the wild 2020 election while the getting was good.

If the layoffs do take place as expected, it’s the third time in just five years that ESPN had to execute sweeping layoffs across the company in a critical cost-cutting campaign.

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