MMA fighting is one of the most brutal sports in the world.

But of all the brutal beatdowns, this post-fight interview will have you asking how this fighter even survived.

Watch as this female MMA fighter got her face smashed in and still wanted the world to know that she had a blast.

Some people like golf with its calm nature.

Just listen to the golf announcers and you will be calm in an instant.

Others love to sit back and relax to watch out after out in a baseball game with the frequent umpire error.

But no sport has gained the following like Mixed Martial Arts.

Fighting leagues like the UFC and the Bare Knuckle Fighting have been gaining fans like nothing else in this nation.

It just provides a level of entertainment you won’t get anywhere else.

But nothing compares to the level of entertainment provided by this post-fight interview.

Taylor Starling is a fighter in the up-and-coming Bare Knuckle Fighting league and this past week she got her ass kicked in a fight.

This is what she looked like as a model before the fight.

And this is what she ended up looking like.

Shockingly, during the interview Taylor was asked what she thought about getting her face smashed in and she stated “I had a blast.”

One of the best interviews ever.

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