When it comes to elite NFL quarterbacks, several names come to mind – Tom Brady, Dan Marino, John Elway.

However, there are many quarterbacks who did not have an elite career, and many of them either find something new or fade into obscurity.

But this former NFL quarterback just proved that he is better at his new sport than he ever was at football.

When it comes to football, the quarterback is the most important position and they often get the most attention as a result.

And when it comes to the NFL, there is no higher profile position than being the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

Despite not winning a Super Bowl since 1995, the Cowboys still command the largest fan base and remain Forbes #1 most valuable sports franchise.

And for almost a decade, Tony Romo played as the quarterback for “America’s Team.”

And boy did he have some ups and downs during his tenure with Dallas.

At the end of the day, despite having some spectacular seasons, Romo was never able to take the Cowboys past the Divisional round of the playoffs.

For this reason, many Cowboys fans have mixed feelings towards Tony Romo.

After all, what good are stats if you are not winning the big games?

But now that Tony Romo has been replaced by Dak Prescott, Romo has moved onto greener pastures.

In hindsight, Tony Romo is doing much better now than he ever did with Dallas.

Not only is he CBS’ top football announcer, but Tony Romo has also found a successful hobby in golf.

In fact, just recently Tony Romo won his third ever golf tournament after winning the celebrity American Century Championship.

This is a major victory for Romo, who earned a reputation for not being clutch in playoff situations during his time for the Dallas Cowboys.

This victory is turning heads all across the football and golf world.

It is rumored that he may yet eye a career in the PGA.

After all, golf is a great game for retirees.

But for now he is busy working for CBS.

And his career with CBS has proved to be wildly successful.

Tony Romo is often regarded as one of the most well-liked television announcers, and has been praised for his keen insight and remarkable ability to predict outcomes during live action football games.

With that in mind, a career in golf seems unlikely for now, but the good news for Romo is that people of all ages can play golf, unlike football where you are already too old by age 35.

Whether he goes professional or not, expect Tony Romo to keep winning golf tournaments, and who knows where this success will send him next.

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