Being a professional football player is many men’s dream . . . the money, the fame, the women.

But this reality is only true for the best, and being the best requires countless hours of practice, and film study . . . well, for most that is.

And in a surprising confession, this four-time Super Bowl Champion left jaws on the floor as he explained why he never watches film.

This confession came during ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast when Eli and Peyton Manning brought Rob Gronkowski on their special commentary stream to talk about how he prepares.

Gronkowski, or “Gronk” as he’s known, claimed that fellow tight end and teammate Cameron Brate asked him the other day, “Rob, I have a serious question: Do you ever watch film?”

Gronkowski said, “No, I don’t. I just run by guys, if I’m feeling good, I’m feeling good. So I don’t watch film. I do watch film when the team is showing it.”

This may seem like a recipe for disaster. But remember, Gronk has had quite an impressive career.

Gronk has four Super Bowl titles, with the most recent coming last year where he scored two touchdowns.

But Gronk has a powerful ally in his corner . . . Tom Brady.

Brady has been Gronk’s quarterback during his entire tenure in the NFL, whether it was in New England or Tampa Bay.

And Gronk even admitted to Brady doing his homework for him.

“I do go up to Tom, because I know Tom watches like I don’t know, 40 hours of film a week, and go, ‘Tom, who is covering me, and what type of coverages are they doing?’” Gronkowski said.

So as you can see, being the greatest professional football player of all time’s #1 passing option has its perks.

So is the moral of the story to not do your homework?

Probably not . . . but instead, have good teammates and powerful allies.

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