The truth of the matter is, the NFL has gone completely soft.

Whether it is league sanctioned protests against America’s national anthem, or rule changes to make the game “safer,” the NFL has become unwatchable.

But this one legendary coach has had enough and just recently he explained what the NFL can do to bring its audience back.

If you have watched an NFL game in the last several years, then you know just how unwatchable it has become.

Back in the day, the NFL built its empire by becoming one of the hardest hitting, most exciting sports out there.

Players took crazy hits, the cheerleaders were smoking hot, and everybody was happy to be there.

Now teams are switching to co-ed “dance teams,” and the NFL is shoving anti-American, anti-police, and pro-transgender ads down fans’ throats.

To make matters worse, the NFL has implemented a slew of rule changes with the intention of “making the game safer.”

All it has done has made the game far more boring.

And as you can imagine, some of the greats from back in the day are appalled with how the NFL has evolved.

One such legend is none other than legendary former head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, Bud Grant.

Just the other day, Grant made it very clear that he is fed up with the NFL.

Grant argued, “Football is entertainment. And there are things in the NFL that provide no entertainment.”

Grant went on to say, “Why would you want to be watching a game for three hours or more, and then have the last two minutes turn into a quarterback kneeling down?”

He added, “Worse than that is the kickoff. They have turned that into the most nothing play in football.”

He is exactly right.

Football is about entertainment, not wokeness, not social justice, and certainly not boring people to death for three hours.

The sad thing is, the NFL will only continue to get worse as long as corporate America, which sponsors everything the NFL does, is promoting this crap.

However, ratings are plummeting for the NFL, which is starting to catch the attention of league executives.

On top of that, other leagues such as the USFL and FCFL are popping up, which may begin to drain viewership from the NFL as they grow in popularity.

If the NFL hopes to last, then they need to start making the sport more entertaining instead of more politically correct.

If not, then say goodbye to the NFL’s dominance in the world of sports.

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