Sports has been filled with some insane stories this year with some being too crazy to believe.

But this story is real as it gets and as wild as you could ever imagine.

This is the craziest story you will ever see involving a college football coach, a stripper, and a pet monkey attacking a trick-or-treater.

The stories we all remember in sports are often the ones that happen off the field.

Who can forget the star ex-running back OJ Simpson trials?

Or how about when Tiger Woods wrecked his car as his wife chased him with a golf club over cheating?

But of all the insane stories in the sports world, this one is by far the craziest one you will ever see.

And it literally involves a stripper, a monkey, and a college football coach.

A pet monkey is one of those things we all want but we all know is a bad idea.

They can turn on you in a second, like to throw their poop, and can rip your face off.

But for some reason, Texas Longhorns Special Teams Coach Jeff Banks’ stripper girlfriend thinks it’s great to keep a pet monkey around.

And Banks’ girlfriend, a stripper named Pole Assassin, has a pet monkey that helps her out on stage.

Well, during Halloween, the monkey decided to go kamikaze on a kid trick-or-treating at their house.

Pole Assassin tweeted out about the incident claiming that they hosted a walkthrough haunted house for trick-or-treaters.

And somehow a kid wandered off the beaten path of the haunted house and came across the scariest creature of them all, a stripper’s pet monkey.

The monkey then viciously attacked the child and had to be pried off.

Seems like a lawsuit ready to happen.

But of all the craziness involved with this story there is one question many of us are wondering: what is the pet monkey’s stage name?

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