No athlete did more to try and defeat Donald Trump in 2020 than Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

Sports Illustrated even gave LeBron James an award for his anti-Trump political activism.

And now this jaw-dropping video of LeBron James will make every Trump supporter lose it.

In 2020, the term “Karen” became popularized to describe Americans who harassed other people about not wearing masks or disobeying other tyrannical coronavirus social distancing or business closure mandates.

One of the images that came to symbolize “Karens” and the panic porn they spread about the coronavirus is that of an individual driving by themselves in their car while wearing a mask.

It turns out LeBron James is one of the all time “Karens” as ridiculous video footage surfaced of James speeding down a highway in Los Angeles in a $1,000,000 convertible by himself wearing a mask.

The top was also down to boot.

There is literally zero science to back up the idea that James would need to wear a mask while driving by himself with the top down in open air.

But on the Left, the act of wearing a mask is now treated with religious fervor.

Liberals believe – despite having no having no evidence to back this up – that universal mask wearing slows the spread of the coronavirus.

Polls shows 85 to 90 percent of Americans already wear a mask.

Yet cases are still surging.

Wearing a mask is now basically an act of symbolism.

And being one of the most high profile figures on the American Left, LeBron James was more than happy to virtue signal even though he looked ridiculous wearing a mask driving by himself despite there being no science that claims this is necessary.

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