College athletes really should just focus on their game and their education.

But at least their off the field antics made for some good stories.

And this love triangle involving a player and a staffer is rocking the college football world.

Seems like every week a new story comes out about an athlete in college doing something absolutely stupid and ruining their life.

You would really think that these young men and women would just realize that they have their whole life ahead of them.

They’re literally getting their education paid for, probably making a little money on the side through NIL deals, and they’re able to play the game that they love.

These days they can literally make millions of dollars in their twenties for just being a good college athlete.

That’s much more than 99% of America can say right now.

But even with all the blessings they have in life they still end up making some very questionable decisions.

Just look at this story.

One college football player got caught up in a love triangle that could ruin his name for the rest of his life.

Tennessee State University running back Devon Starling is having a little too much fun in college which is leading to some trouble for him.

Starling was sleeping around with the college football program’s on-campus recruiter Ariel Escobar.

But Starling also has a girlfriend on campus.

And earlier this month, Escobar went to see Starling in his college apartment when she caught him and his girlfriend.

She totally flipped.

After refusing to leave, Starling and his girlfriend got in his car, called the cops, and started to drive around the apartment complex.

Escobar went insane and chased them down with her car and started to ram his car.

When police arrived, they arrested Escobar and charged her with two felony counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon plus one count of misdemeanor vandalism.

And the sad thing is, this isn’t the first spout of violence in this love triangle.

Starling’s girlfriend was arrested previously for beating Starling and Escobar after walking in on them doing their thing.

This man is living life on the edge.

Any man knows the only thing worse than one deranged woman is two deranged women.

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