Ever since ESPN entered televisions across the nation over 40 years ago, sports broadcasting has grown dramatically.

But with the sports broadcasting industry embracing the Left’s agenda with open arms their viewership has dropped to levels never seen before.

And now this major sports broadcasting channel just announced they are closing up for good.

It’s hard to imagine what sports would be like today without non-stop coverage from stations like ESPN.

In between the non-stop coverage of the major sports leagues, modern sports broadcasting gives us all a chance to experience sports that we normally wouldn’t watch.

Where else could you watch dudes downing some wieners on 4th of July during the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

And let’s be honest, you probably never would watch a game of professional bowling or women’s basketball if it wasn’t for the sports broadcasting channels.

If it wasn’t for channels like NBC Sports, Fox Sports, or ESPN, the WNBA wouldn’t exist.

But over the past couple of years viewership of these iconic sports channels has been dropping drastically.

And this is mainly due to the fact that their viewers are tired of having a political message shoved down their throat.

Many watch sports to get away from the world of politics.

But thanks to groups like Black Lives Matter, politics has now infected nearly every aspect of sports.

And now sports broadcasting is paying the price for their embrace of politics.

Because of horrible viewership NBC Sports will end this year.

NBC Sports was one of the biggest sports broadcasting channels with exclusive contracts with NASCAR, the Premier League, and the NHL.

NBCUniversal now plans to transfer all major sporting events to USA Network.

NBC Sports is likely just the first of many sports broadcasting channels to collapse from bad viewership ratings.

Only time will tell which one will be next and how long it will take ESPN before they suffer the same fate.

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