Teams are always trying to find the next best thing to put in front of fans to get an edge on sales.

But it looks like the University of Houston has started to think outside the box and has found the next best thing in football.

Honestly, this may be the best kicking tee retriever in the history of football. And no, he isn’t a dog.

Let’s face it, we watch sports purely for entertainment.

There really is no value to sports otherwise.

When your team wins a game you don’t get a cut of the winnings.

So when sports are entertaining, people are willing to watch.

And when people are willing to watch, money starts to flow.

That’s why teams are always trying to find an edge for the next best thing to get people into the stands and in front of the TV screens to watch their games.

Some teams like the Savannah Bananas have done a great job in making value for what they offer entertainment-wise.

You never really know what you’re going to see at one of their games.

But in football, teams have been behind the ball in finding something entertaining to add to the game to get people to watch.

Now though it looks like the University of Houston is taking the initiative to define one of the next best things in football.

We have all seen a team try to use a dog to retrieve the kicking tee after kickoffs.

And that in itself is entertaining to watch.

But no dog has anything on Houston’s Hawk.

Hawk is the complete package.

The man is athletic, entertaining, a little fat, and has a mullet.

What more could you ask for from a kicking tee retriever?

Hopefully more teams can catch onto the pure entertainment of Hawk.

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