Everyone knows the legend of Babe Ruth supposedly calling his shot by pointing to center field and proceeding to hit a home run exactly where he pointed.

But, of course, it’s called a legend for a reason, and to many, has always seemed too good to be true.

That’s not the case for this mic’d up minor leaguer, though, after he called his shot in the middle of a live broadcast and then made everyone’s jaws drop.

If you’re a sports fan and haven’t heard of the Savannah Bananas minor league baseball team by now, then you’re missing out on some incredible entertainment.

The Bananas are known for not just playing baseball, but also for trying to create a complete fan experience that is unrivaled in sports.

As such, they’ve sold out every single one of their games since their first season in 2016, and allegedly have a waiting list for tickets that has over 10,000 people on it.

And recently, they once again made headlines by having their players take part in some of the funniest walk ups of all-time.

But as crazy as some of their antics are, none of their planned bits and skits comes close to touching what happened recently when they decided to mic up their third baseman in the middle of a game.

On Saturday, Bananas’ third baseman Bill LeRoy kept his AirPods in when he and his team took the field so that LeRoy could have a chat in the middle of the game with the team’s broadcast.

And right before their pitcher threw his next pitch, LeRoy told the broadcast exactly what he thought was about to happen.

“He’s going to roll it over, I’m going to backhand it on the second hop and Manny Machado underhand throw to first,” LeRoy claimed.

Of course, no one thought that he’d actually do it, but like most things the Bananas do, LeRoy apparently just struck gold.

And literally two seconds after calling his shot, LeRoy proceeded to do exactly that, as the batter hit a two hopper right to him, he backhanded it, and pulled off the Machado underhand throw to first, leaving everyone’s mind completely blown.

There’s simply no world where that should even be possible, and considering it was pulled off by a Bananas player, it’s easy to be skeptical about it being a setup.

But there’s also no chance an opposing player, especially a minor leaguer, would be able to hit the ball exactly to where LeRoy could make that very play happen.

It’s just one of those magical things that seems to always happen in sports from time to time.

In the immortal words of Billy Beane – also known as Brad Pitt – in the movie Moneyball, “How can you not be romantic about baseball?”

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