When football isn’t around, hockey is a great filler sport to watch to occupy your time.

And if you needed another reason to watch hockey, here’s one for you.

In fact, this model and ex-goalie will instantly make a hockey fan out of any guy.

It happens every single year.

We are in the heart of winter and the Super Bowl game is playing.

The nation is completely focused on the final game of the season.

Then on the Monday after the big game, the nation realizes they have absolutely nothing to look forward to for another six months.

Some folks just go straight into a deep depression.

But others just move on to hockey.

And there is a lot to like about the sport.

Hockey is as fast-paced of a sport as they come.

They have more fights on the ice during a hockey game than they have in the stands during an NFL game.

But if that isn’t enough, hockey is the main reason why mullets are still a thing in 2022.

Well now to make sure all guys, besides the monkeypox kind, are hockey fans, this model and former hockey goalie is making sure you have something to enjoy during the games.

Mikayla Demaiter used to be a professional hockey goalie but she has swapped out the pads for bikinis and is now a professional model.

Needless to say, she is doing rather well with her modeling career with hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter.

And in preparation for the upcoming NHL season, she posted some pictures and videos of herself in some old hockey gear.

Big shoutout to Mikayla for giving us all another reason to be hockey fans.

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