The NBA Finals are here, yet it seems as if most Americans are completely unaware of who is playing in them.

As the NBA turned into a mouthpiece for the radical Left, millions of potential viewers simply tuned out.

Sadly, it appears the NBA hasn’t learned its lesson as this head coach got caught red-handed spewing lies on national television.

As it stands, professional sports are losing more and more of their audience by the day.

This is because professional sports are no longer focused on entertaining its audience – rather, these sports leagues have committed to trying to brainwash people with far-left nonsense.

Just watch any major sporting event for proof.

You cannot watch any televised sporting event for 5 minutes without having left-wing phrases and slogans shoved into your face.

To make matters worse, coaches and players have been given carte blanche to spew whatever “woke” left-wing propaganda they wish.

But heaven forbid they espouse any right-leaning views or else they face cancellation, the ultimate punishment these days.

One professional sports league that is particularly notorious for this sort of left-wing brainwashing is the NBA.

This was most evident in 2020 when players walked off of the court in response to the riots going on at the time.

Players were allowed to replace their nameplates with woke slogans, often demonizing police officers.

As a direct result, viewership has plummeted over the last several years.

This year is no exception – in fact, most Americans are completely unaware that the NBA Finals are even happening right now.

But this is not stopping the NBA from espousing its far-left rhetoric.

Just the other day, Steve Kerr, head coach of the Golden State Warriors, used his post-game press conference to make some pretty outlandish political statements about gun control.

Instead of talking about his team’s major Game 2 victory against the Boston Celtics, Steve Kerr came to the podium masked up and ready to vent about how much he hates America.

In his post-game conference, Kerr claimed that the nation should adopt gun control measures similar to the ones in place in his home state of California.

He specified that he thinks a ban on so-called “assault weapons” will help to turn the tide of mass shootings.

The only thing is, despite having these measures in place, California leads the nation in the number of mass shootings.

So it is fair to say that California’s gun control laws are doing absolutely nothing to stop horrific mass shootings.

All laws like these do is punish responsible gun owners, who are often the political enemies of the far-left.

If California really wanted to get serious about stopping gun violence, they would stop allowing violent criminals to go back on the street with little to no bail.

As far as Steve Kerr is concerned, he should stop bringing politics into sports.

Nobody gives a rip about what some California elitist has to say about a subject he knows absolutely nothing about.

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