The NFL is putting “get woke and go broke” to the test.

Teams and league executives are all-in on Black Lives Matter and other trendy left-wing causes.

Now this marquee NFL franchise announced it caved to political pressure on a beloved pre-game tradition.

Kansas City Chiefs President Mark Donovan announced the team would retire its longtime and beloved mascot Warpaint, the horse which runs onto the field before every home game this season.

“We feel like it’s time to retire Warpaint,” Donovan stated. “Lot of reasons for that, but we just feel like it’s the right thing to do. So, Warpaint won’t be running at Arrowhead anymore.”

Donovan used every identity politics and social justice buzzword in the dictionary to explain why the team got rid of a mascot that’s been associated with the franchise, outside of a brief period, since its beginning in 1959.

“We’ll continue the conversations,” Donovan continued. “We’ll continue to take the path that we’ve taken. As I said, educating ourselves and educating our fans, creating opportunities to create awareness is important.”

Unlike the Washington Redskins, the Chiefs kept their nickname – for now.

But Donovan alluded to the fact that the team made other concessions to the woke mob such as banning fans from wearing Native American headdresses to Arrowhead Stadium.

“We made some significant changes last year, which we are proud of and we believe are the right things to do,” Donovan added.

Every poll that’s ever been taken shows Native Americans are not offended by sports team’s nicknames that reference their culture.

The only group in America up in arms about Native American team names and imagery are white liberals who think every aspect of society should conform to their extreme politically correct worldview.

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