Much like the traditional news media, the sports media is filled with some of the worst humans on the planet.

The type of people who are more interested in pushing a political agenda than the truth, and would even fabricate stories if it meant they received just a smidgen of attention.

And some members of the media got what was coming to them recently after this NFL head coach unloaded on the media for fabricating a story about COVID violations.

Even though COVID is over, the sports world has continued to pretend that it is a massive threat that could wipe us all off the planet at any moment.

As such, several NFL teams have instituted a wristband system to designate which players have been fully vaccinated and which players have not.

Among those teams are the reigning Super Bowl champ, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, whose system required vaccinated players to wear a red wristband while unvaccinated players wear a yellow wristband.

So when the Bucs opened training camp earlier this week, the losers in the media were on a wristband hunt, desperately trying to scope out what wristband each player was wearing.

But it turned out that some players, like Tom Brady, weren’t wearing wristbands at all.

Without missing a beat, those losers in the sports media who have yet to outgrow the teacher’s pet, tattletale ways they first adopted in middle school to get back at their classmates who actually had friends, flocked to social media to tell everyone that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were breaking their own COVID protocols.

There was one slight problem with that reporting, though – it wasn’t true. Not even a little bit.

And Tampa Bay head coach Bruce Arians was none too pleased with the media’s insistence on reporting something that wasn’t true without doing an ounce of research, and he let them have it the next chance he got.

“If I give you some information, at least know the f***ing rules before you put it in the press,” Arians said. “Red and yellow bands – they don’t have to wear them at practice. That’s for indoors. I’ve gotta read s**t that we should be fined for red and yellow bands because they ain’t got them on at practice. That’s bulls**t. If you’re gonna report s**t, make sure it’s f***ing right.”

No matter what you think about COVID and the restrictions that have come with it, you have to agree that Bruce Arians is totally in the right with everything he said.

COVID aside, the media simply has to get it through their heads that they can’t just report anything and everything without facing the consequences when they report something that is blatantly untrue.

No matter if it is the sports media and or the traditional news media, they’re all out-of-control, believing in their heads that they’re somehow above others and can do what they want when they want.

They’ve been given a free pass to do and say whatever they want, and it’s beyond time for them to start feeling the heat when they don’t do their jobs properly.

In fact, more people should lash out at the media like Arians did whenever they lie.

A line in the sand has to be drawn, and hopefully, many others will follow Bruce Arians’ lead and do just that.

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