Seems to be a new fad within football to pluck out legends of the sport and put them into lead coaching positions.

But of all the NFL Hall of Famers who are coaching, this move shocked the most.

That’s because his NFL legend just joined a college football coaching staff and could become the next big coach in division one.

You can’t question the fact that coaches who were players tend to make the best coaches.

A nerd with a clipboard is not going to know much beyond the X’s and O’s of the game.

They’re not going to know what is needed to win games or how to inspire people.

This is generally something only players know.

And in the past we’ve had some amazing coaches who were players in their day.

Just look at one of the most successful NFL coaches in recent memory.

Sean McVay was a wide receiver for Miami Ohio.

And recently, it’s been a huge deal for teams to consider Hall of Fame players as coaches.

Jackson State took a chance on Deion Sanders and it paid off big time.

PrimeTime brought the program from a nobody to a somebody in just a few years.

And now the Colts are trying the same thing with Jeff Saturday who hasn’t coached a day in his life in any meaningful way.

Now it’s not turning out for Jeff Saturday the way that many hoped it would but the team still took a chance on the former All-Pro offensive lineman.

And now there’s another NFL Hall of Famer who just got a coaching position that is shaking up the game.

Drew Brees will be in the Hall of Fame one day.

And just a couple years out of being the quarterback for the Saints he’s still trying to find his way in the real world.

Now his latest gig is being an assistant coach for his old alma mater, the Purdue Boilermakers.

Since Purdue is getting a new coach, Drew Brees wanted to help his alma mater in their upcoming bowl game against LSU so he will be on the coaching staff for the rest of the year.

He will also help with team recruiting.

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