Most of the action during a football game happens on the gridiron.

But the sidelines for football games can be as dangerous as a warzone.

And this NFL legend was ready to throw haymakers against the whole Steelers defense in one of the funniest clips in television history.

Sometimes NFL sidelines can be just as interesting as what happens between the lines.

You never know what might happen.

Reporters need to keep their heads on a swivel most of the time for flying balls and players coming in hot.

Even the mascots get wrecked while standing next to the field.

But most people on the sidelines are timid to the threats that lurk around them.

Not former NFL legend Steve Smith.

Smith was ready to take on both damn teams while reporting from the sideline last Thursday night.

During the pre-game reports on the NFL Network for the Steelers versus Browns matchup, Smith was standing next to some of the Steelers Defense doing practice hitting drills.

And while some of the players were getting close to him from behind, Smith was giving them the side-eye.

Then when asked on live television if he was alright, Smith claimed, “I’ll tell you what. If one of these boys hit me while I ain’t in a uniform, they will not be playing tonight! I’ll tell you that!”

Steve Smith is the legend we don’t deserve.

Give us more Steve Smith and less Colin Kaepernick.

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