With week 7 in the NFL upon us, one thing is for certain . . . nearly every team has been smacked hard with injuries.

But any football fan knows this comes with the territory.

Many teams are forced to make adjustments by picking up players mid-season, but one NFL player was a no-show after being acquired by the Ravens.

The Baltimore Ravens are off to a red hot start.

However, their offensive line needs work, which is why they pulled offensive lineman Brandon Knight off of the waiver wire . . . except he never showed up.

Yes, you read that correctly.

He refused to come to work for a job that pays him exorbitant amounts of money to play sports.

Brandon Knight previously played for the Dallas Cowboys for three seasons, in which he played 10 games before being cut.

Knight was then selected off of the waiver wire by the Ravens, but he did not show due to “personal reasons.”

When asked about the situation, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh claimed, “I don’t really know the details of that. That was a personal decision on his part, so he’d have to answer that. I don’t know, but he decided not to report.”

This whole situation is very strange.

It is very rare to see players not show up for work . . . in fact, being called up by an NFL team is what most football players work for and dream of their entire lives.

Regardless of his reason, not showing up without a good cause would get you canned at most jobs, and this stunt is likely to blacklist the offensive lineman.

Barring some understandable circumstances, this is yet another example of how sports are changing for the worst . . . Players are not taking their jobs seriously and there seems to be no sense of duty.

Other examples include Ben Simmons of the 76ers, Simone Biles giving up at the Olympics, and all of the contract holdouts we hear about.

This is not what sports fans want to see.

Sports with Balls will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.