We have all seen some horrible luck in sports that make for some hilarious moments.

But out of all the mishaps, this is by far the most embarrassing one we have seen in a while.

That’s because this NFL quarterback played grab ass with the wrong person.

One of the best things about professional sports is that most of it is spontaneous.

Unlike nearly every other form of entertainment, from television shows to the Fake News Media, what you see in sports on the field isn’t staged.

So that’s why we get amazing moments like Jameis Winston’s famous fumble against Oregon in the 2015 Rose Bowl.

Or who can forget the famous butt fumble by Mark Sanchez?

You just can’t make up stories like Mark Sanchez fumbling the ball when he got a face full of his lineman’s ass cheeks.

But of all the gaffes in sports over the years, this has to be near the top of the list of most embarrassing.

Down 34-26 in the fourth quarter to the San Francisco 49ers this past week, the Vikings were making a drive down the field to get back into the game.

But on 4th and goal just four yards away from a touchdown, the Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins has the brain fart of the decade.

He ran up frantically to snap the ball but the only problem was he put his hands in the ass of his guard rather than his center.

You just have to see the video to believe it:

The embarrassing play led to a timeout being called by the Vikings and in the end they lost the game 34-26.

It can’t get much worse than that.

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