Fan favorite Tim Tebow is on the verge of a comeback in the NFL.

But not everyone is giddy about his potential return to the league.

And this NFL star is infuriated that Tim Tebow was signed before Colin Kaepernick and he plans on destroying Tebow.

Tebow is by far one of the most popular athletes of our time.

The guy can join a minor league baseball team and they become a nationally-followed team with packed stands.

And Tebow’s popularity isn’t just the result of his willingness to be open about his thriving Christian faith.

When he was in the NFL he really wasn’t that bad of a player.

In fact, Tebow even led the Denver Broncos to a playoff win against the Pittsburgh Steelers as starting quarterback.

And Tebow’s playoff win gives him more playoff wins over the past eleven years than seven NFL franchises (Cincinnati Bengals, Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins, Las Vegas Raiders, Washington Football Team, New York Jets, and the Chicago Bears).

Well, after years away from the NFL his old coach, Urban Meyer, has signed Tebow in his new role as a tight end for Jacksonville.

Rather than being excited for Tebow, some NFL players were pissed that he was signed again before Colin Kaepernick.

Many are trying to equate the two as equal to try and show that the NFL is just a racist league.

However, trying to compare a guy known for honoring God through prayer during games and a guy known for demonizing America during games are two completely different situations.

But it’s clear that some players lack the ability to have basic human problem solving skills.

And Steelers’ Devin Bush seems to be one of them.

After hearing of the signing of Tim Tebow in Jacksonville, Bush was infuriated and went on Twitter to say “😂😂Tebow got a job before Kaepernick. Wait til we play Jacksonville💤💤💤💤”

The tweet seems more like a threat than anything else. Though the Steelers won’t play Jacksonville during the regular season, and unfortunately for Bush, the team doesn’t have a great track record against them in the Wild Card round of the playoffs.

Still, it is doubtful that Tebow will actually get any meaningful playing time, if he even makes the team, but if he does hopefully he can survive the persecution he will face on the field over his faith.

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