Rivalries in sports have always elicited far more emotion from fans and players than any other matchup.

It’s definitely rare to see a team’s executives show that same level of emotion, though.

But that’s exactly what happened recently when this NHL executive went on an epic tirade after his team lost to a rival in overtime.

The rivalry between the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs – The Battle For Ontario, as it is known – is one of the fiercest in the NHL.

Even before the rivalry existed in the NHL, teams from Toronto and Ottawa have competed against one another in various sports for decades, deepening the bitterness between the two cities.

Neither team or their fan bases want to lose to the other, and when they do, the emotions run extremely high.

That point was certainly proven last week when the Senators and Maple Leafs faced-off on the ice for the seventh time this season.

With the teams deadlocked at 2-2 in overtime, the Maple Leafs were able to intercept the puck from the Senators and put in the game winning goal to defeat Ottawa on their home ice.

While the Senators’ players and fans were undoubtedly heartbroken and furious to see such a hard fought game end in that way, no one was more emotional about the result than Ottawa General Manager Pierre Dorion.

Watching the game from a suit high above the ice, Dorion watched as the game slipped away from his team in the matter of seconds, and immediately reacted to the loss by chunking his drink against a wall.

It was the type of reaction you rarely, if ever, see from a professional sports team’s top executive.

Generally, they may cheer or show some disappointment depending on the result, but for a team’s executive to be so overcome with frustration after a loss that he throws a drink against a wall just proves how much this game means to both teams.

Professional sports needs more front office personnel showing that it means as much to them as it does the team and the fans.

Sports executives around the world should take note.

Throwing a drink against the wall shouldn’t be the exception, it should be the rule from here on out.

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