Sports have some crazy owners out there.

It makes you wonder how they ever managed to own a team.

But this Playboy model is on the verge of buying a professional team thanks to her Only Fans account.

What would sports be without the hated owner of your team?

In all honesty, owners are like politicians – somehow they still have a job and control us but everyone still hates them and supports their cause.

How many Dallas Cowboy fans actually like Jerry Jones?

The man got lucky with trading Herschel Walker to the Vikings that led to three Super Bowls in the ‘90s.

Besides that, the man sucks at his job of managing a football team.

And look at the Washington Commies with Dan Snyder.

What the hell good has Daniel Snyder done for the once-great franchise formerly known as the Redskins?

They changed their iconic name under his tenure and have yet to be any type of championship-caliber team in the NFL.

Again, nearly every Washington fan hates Daniel Snyder.

But we may have found one possible future owner that no man could ever hate.

Meet former Playboy model Daniella Chavez of Chile.

Chavez is on a mission to raise $20 MILLION on Only Fans so she can buy her beloved city’s soccer team, O’Higgins FC.

So far, the model has been able to raise $8 million needed but is still short $12 million with just a couple months left to buy O’Higgins FC.

But fans can only hope that she gets the team.

After all, who could ever be mad at her for the team sucking so much?

All she’d have to do is put out an Only Fans session and most of the fanbase will love her again.

And we bet player recruiting would be easy.

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