The Left’s mind virus of “wokeness” is spreading far and wide.

The insular arena of sports was once largely safe from far-left incursions, but not anymore.

And this pro sports league just disrespected America in the ugliest way possible.

Sports media, particularly ESPN, are trying desperately to make the WNBA a thing.

It hasn’t worked.

The league has never been profitable, and it only exists because of NBA largesse.

Despite this economic reality, several WNBA players have complained about the contract disparities between their star players and NBA star players.

This is asinine, considering the league has no organic fan base and no television ratings.

Leftists who prop up the league have argued that it hasn’t been given a chance to grow, but the WNBA has been around for 23 years, and the Houston Comets – the team that won the league’s first four championships – are now defunct.

In spite of the league’s tenuous footing, the New York Liberty and Seattle Storm thought it would be a good look for the league to disrespect America.

According to a since-deleted tweet by ESPN, both teams walked off the court during the National Anthem.

ESPN later argued they walked off before the anthem, but either way, the message is clear.

They’re intentionally disrespecting the country.

This has become an irritating epidemic since the anti-American anthem protests started by former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

It’s sad to see so many people embrace radical leftism.

Some of them don’t even know they’re doing it, but these garbage ideas have been incubating in university halls for decades.

If they only knew the horrors of Marxism, they wouldn’t be so quick to trash America.

In socialist dictatorships, walking off during the national anthem could mean walking in front of a firing squad.

In the Soviet Union, being the first one to stop applauding for Joseph Stalin bought you a ticket to the gulag.

Despite America’s faults and tumultuous history, it’s still the freest and most tolerant country in the world, and brainwashed athletes are actively tearing it apart.

And there’s something even more unnerving about it coming from WNBA players when they’re not even a money-making enterprise.

If the NBA turned off the money faucet, the league would either cease to exist, or it would be a barnstorming league with players making hundreds of dollars a week instead of thousands.

The lack of gratitude for the country is truly despicable.

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