Over the past several years, Thursday Night Football has earned a bad reputation among football fans for its flat out bad matchups.

That was certainly not the case last Thursday night when the 6-1 Green Bay Packers squared up against the undefeated 7-0 Arizona Cardinals.

But this star quarterback embarrassed himself by complaining to the refs about a no-call before the play was even over.

The Green Bay Packers unexpectedly came out on top due to a last second interception, but earlier in the game, former Super Bowl MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers turned heads when he begged for a penalty before he was even tackled.

As you can see, as Rodgers was scrambling in the pocket, he was caught by the back of the jersey.

Rodgers felt this should have been a 15 yard horse collar tackle penalty.

First, this is nowhere near a horse collar tackle, and second, Rodgers did not even put up a fight, or attempt to make a play as he was dragged down.

This behavior is very symptomatic of the “wussification” of the National Football League.

Rather than sucking it up and attempting to make great football plays, players are more interested in dramatically begging for penalties like pansy soccer players.

And to make matters worse, the NFL has recently been giving in to these whining players, especially super star diva quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers.

Fortunately, in this case, no flag was called.

In the end, the Packers won this game 24-21 in a nail biter after Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray threw a devastating game-ending interception in the red zone with only seconds left on the clock.

Kyler Murray also looked banged up during the play, which should concern all Cardinals fans moving forward.

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